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The Village of Perdue was incorporated in 1909. The name Perdue was chosen in honour of a well-known judge and resident of Winnipeg, Judge Perdue (photo at right).

Located approximately 40 minutes west of Saskatoon on Highway 14 it boasts a varying landscape that breaks the monotony of the prairies and offers a pleasing appearance from any direction.

The Village of Perdue would like to extend a warm welcome to our new home on the web and an open invitation to stop in for coffee at one of our restuarants or local pub.

The townsite of Perdue was born of great struggle in the early days. It goes down in the minds of many old-timers as The War of the North and South. It seems that the CPR had decided the whole town should be situated on the north side of the tracks. However, there were people and businesses established on the south side which had been surveyed into lots by the Dickey family from part of their lands.

There was a constant battle between the two sides of the track. Finally, in the fall of 1908 CPR erected an eight-strand barbed wire fence from the railway crossing on the west side to the old crossing east of the section house. They thought this would fence off the townsite and settle its establishment permanently on the north side.

They had a stronger opposition from the Southsiders than they reckoned. After politely asking the CPR to remove the fence, and being refused, the Southsiders held a meeting one dark night in the restaurant. They decided the best way to solve the issue was simply to remove the fence. Five pairs of pliers were brought to the meeting. No one was to be known or seen committing the dastardly deed, so the lamps were blown out.

The next morning when it was discovered that the fence had been cut in five places, the Royal Northwest Mounted Police were called in from Biggar. As there was no one able to testify that they had seen the fence cut, the case simply dissolved. And the CPR had to gather up the wire!

Thus, for better or for worse, the destiny of the Village of Perdue was settled. The town able to expand in all directions from then on, and the War-of-the-North-and-South is a laughable memory.

Source: Let's Look Back

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